Sunday, 8 December 2013

Christmas Trees

It wouldn't be Christmas without the Trees at Dalton Church -my unmissable event - each tree has been decorated in the hope that it will raise money for a charity and the whole effect is magical!  My little photos don't quite capture the atmosphere but the lights in the old church against the sandstone and the stained glass windows is enchanting

 here's a very small selection - each one depicts a nursery rhyme
Hopefully you can tell which ones!! 
And the centre piece
Baby not delivered until Christmas Eve!


Monday, 2 December 2013

Dickensian Weekend at Ulverston

I seem to be a week behind with my posts! Never mind - life has a habit of intervening!  This has been a week of the unexpected to say the least...Anyway a week ago we went to the Dickensian event in Ulverston - heaps of atmosphere and well worth a visit. Captured some of the characters on camera and did the rounds of the vintage fairs and shops, just like this crinoline lady below!
 Some photos of the big parade - no occasion complete in South Cumbria without St Andrew's Pipe Band

Lots of lovely people!

I succumbed to some vintage purchases ....
Lovely little evening jacket and fake fur collar (bought separately but they do go together)
And then this dress - very 1960's Jackie Kennedy  - just need  a pill box hat!
I'm coming up to a BIG birthday and I though would be great for the celebration...
It's also a great mother of the bride dress - but they're all married already....I could hire myself out for vintage events........

Hopefully if nothing else befalls our family I'll be  back soon!  

Monday, 25 November 2013

A Vintage Weekend

Another month has gone by ..... Its not that I haven't been doing anything - I just haven't had time to blog about it.
A couple of weekends ago  we took our vintage kids clothes to the Barrow Dock Museum Vintage Christmas  Event and we ( youngest daughter and I ) had a great time.  Not only did we sell loads we also had a bit of a spend. How does that happen? We go with the intention of being really frugal and then there are loads of lovely vintage things......  

My 2 best finds were the fake astrakhan jacket  (modelled here by Dolores the Dressmaking Dummy) and the little brooch. 

 I've hardly taken the jacket off since I bought it.  It's nowhere near as heavy as the real thing and it makes it more wearable.  The little glitzy floral brooch reminds me of one my mother had.  I've still got it but lots of the stones are missing.  
How often when you buy vintage are you trying to recreate the past as you remember it?  I notice lots of mums buy our 1970's clothes for their children, because that's the era they grew up in.  Personally I like the 1950's best...does that give away my age?

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Dad has arrived!

Just looking back and it's over 3 weeks since my last post!! So much for thinking I was going to do this regularly!  
15th October was D day (Dad day) and he's now in my house with me.  Here he is on his exercise bike in the shed (excuse the mess)  -   88 and still keeping fit!!!
We had a bit of a family party to welcome him - catering by St Michael - I wasn't organised enough to cook properly.  All 10 of us squeezed around the table.  I'm in the market for more chairs and just before he arrived I found a lovely bentwood chair at a vintage fair at Bardsea.

Isn't the pattern on the seat fabulous?  It reminds me of the long gone Italian Ice cream parlour I used to go to with Mum when I was little....... 
Not keen on matching sets of chairs 

And at the same vintage fair I also couldn't resist this refurbished sewing box.  The interior is original and beautiful.  At the moment it seems to be full of dolls (thank-you grandchild number 2)   but soon I'll get organised and put my quilting in it.

Hoping I can get to the next Bardsea Fair in November -  need more chairs.........

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Last Roses of Summer

As this Sunday is a grey and miserable day I was doing some indoor things and one of them was downloading photos.   I remembered I'd taken some pics in the garden exactly a week ago when the sun was shining.  I'm wondering now if that was the Indian Summer we hope for, or whether we'll get a second shot at it.....
Anyway, just to cheer me up here are some flowers that are still giving pleasure 

One single bloom of Graham Thomas - I love the way a lot of roses have a proper name, feels like you can get to know them, Graham is very robust.....

Madame Alfred Carriere, a blowsy  French Lady, keeps coming back just when you think she's finished

and here's Jude the Obscure in front of a hydrangea that's now in it's third garden - the previous 2 owners didn't like it! Their loss I think!!  
Jude has been a late starter this year but worth the wait as I always think he smells of Chardonnay!
Lastly  one of my triumphs - a dahlia the slugs didn't get!!!!!

Breaking news! Just caught a shaft of sunlight coming in the window - perhaps it's brightening up

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Dad - the Arctic Star

This is Dad! or Grandad Stan to my daughters and grandchildren.  He's 88 and coming to live with me very soon and I can't wait.  Lots of people have said how difficult it will be - but I just don't believe them, he's perennially cheerful!  Among other things  I need to get back to cooking proper meals and Dad being here will make me do it!  
This picture was taken a couple of months ago when he got he Arctic Star, 12 crossings on the North Atlantic convoys !  We never heard him talk much about the war until he got his medal and then we were amazed at what he'd done!
We've already booked for a December trip to Center Parcs with the kids - he hasn't had a holiday for a while because he's been looking after his other half.  He's looking forward to getting in the pool.  Hope I'm like him when I'm 88, hope I get to 88 ........

Friday, 20 September 2013

Wet and Windy in Morecambe

You know when I started doing this blog - I thought it would be easy to do a couple of posts a week - Ha!  Its now 10 days since the last one - all sorts of garbage got in the way and some good things as well!
One of the good things was on Sunday we ( youngest daughter and I ) went to the vintage fair in Morecambe.  I freaked out on the Friday before because I read that North Western coastal towns would be hit by 70 mph gales on the Sunday and there would be structural damage.... not too keen on driving anyway... so had a bit of a panic on.  As it happened I got there OK before the weather took a really bad turn, met the daughter (Rachel), who came up from Preston and we got the stuff into the venue before it poured!  It did the cats and dogs while we were in there - but when we came out the sun was shining!  Sadly the weather had a bit of an impact on the number of people who turned up - but it gave us more chance to talk to people! and to be silly in the photo booth!

Other good things that have happened - Middle granddaughter started school and loves it! She's  so keen to get there it's upsetting, no time for the last minute cuddle..... but it's so much easier than if she didn't want to go.
The lovely little coat in one of the other posts has sold - I get attached to things - I could do a whole item on the things I really liked that I had to let go....but everytime something sells I cheer myself up by getting new stock in, retail therapy!!!
We've just started a Facebook page for the vintage stuff, of course Rachel set it up.   I am a complete imbecile on Facebook  I never know now whether I'm commenting as me or as my alter ego Edith and Rose - that's the problem with getting old, technology gets to be a mystery..... If I ever work out how to do it I'll put a link to Facebook on this site....